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Brain Building Moments with Vroom (HI11)

Take this course to learn all about Vroom, a science-based program that early learning providers can use to promote brain development among the children in their care. Brain building with children during their first 5 years gives them a strong base for lifelong learning. Vroom celebrates the powerful motivation that unites caregivers—a sense of pride and resourcefulness to provide the best start in life for children—while being flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of diverse groups and communities. And Vroom is achievable within the reality of caregivers’ busy lives and doesn’t require extra time or money. Learn how to access and use this wonderful free resource.

In-Service Hours/STA...: 1.0

  • Important Course Information
  • Helpful Hints slide
  • Class Notice
  • Pre-Test
  • A message from Snohomish Health District
  • Course Objectives
  • What is Vroom?
  • Vroom Video - Everyone has what it takes...
  • Pause and Reflect on the video
  • Brain Development
  • More About Brain Development
  • Foundational Brain Science
  • 5 Brain Building Basics
  • Scenarios
  • Introduction to Video on Using Vroom
  • Brain Building Basics Vroom Video
  • Example of a Vroom Tip
  • More Examples of Vroom Tips
  • Early Learning Testimonial
  • Example of a Vroom Brain Building Moment
  • Get the Resources
  • Doing and Sharing
  • Vroom Brain Building Moments Final Test
  • Vroom Survey
  • Stay Connected
  • Course Completion
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Course Completion"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever