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Tiny Bites: Oral Health in the Child Care Setting (NP05 - LC)

The most common chronic disease in children is tooth decay. This is especially true in underserved populations. This course will focus on the importance of dental health in children, pediatric oral health recommendations, and how to be an oral health advocate in the child care setting. Information and guidance is provided on nutrition, oral health practices, alternative oral health activities and methods for toothbrushing in child care.
For consultation on toothbrushing in child care please reach out to the Child Care Health Outreach Program at or by phone at 425.252.5415

In-Service Hours/STA...: 2

  • Course Notice
  • Helpful Hints
  • Course Objectives
  • Pre-test
  • The Importance of Oral Health
  • Why is Oral Health Important in the Child Care Setting?
  • Oral Health Smile Survey
  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Methods of Reducing Tooth Decay
  • Required Meal and Snack Components
  • Healthy Snack Ideas for Good Oral Health
  • Healthy Snack Ideas for Good Oral Health
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention, Nutrition and Oral Health
  • Foods to Reduce Lead Poisoning Risk
  • Dental Care and Flouride
  • Dental Emergencies
  • WAC 110-300-0180: Meal and Snack Schedule
  • Toothbrushing Methods in Child Care
  • Teaching Toddlers to Brush their Teeth
  • Teaching Toothbrushing in Child Care
  • Toothbrushing in Your Child Care Survey
  • Oral Health in Child Care
  • Oral Health Activities
  • Oral Health Activities
  • Additional Teaching Tools
  • Additional Teaching Tools
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • Final Test
  • Consultation
  • References
  • Stay Connected
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Stay Connected"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever