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Immunizations: Protecting Child Care Providers and Children - Learning Course (HI05 - LC)

In child care environments, children and child care providers are particularly at risk for illnesses because diseases can spread easily in group settings. Adults and children who are not fully vaccinated are susceptible to vaccine-preventable diseases. By learning about vaccines, how they work, and the diseases they prevent, child care providers can help educate parents and make sure that everyone has the necessary vaccines to prevent such serious illnesses. This course gives an overview of why adults and children in child care settings need vaccines. It answers common questions about vaccines and the diseases they prevent, including how they keep people healthy and which ones are recommended. The course reviews the immunization regulations in place to protect child care providers and children, and what to do if an outbreak happens.
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  • Helpful Hints
  • Part 1 Course Information
  • Part 2 Introduction
  • Part 3 History of Vaccines
  • Part 4 What Was It Like Before Vaccines
  • Part 5 Why Do We Need Immunizations
  • Part 6 Community Immunity
  • Part 7 Recent Outbreaks
  • Part 8 How Do Vaccines Work?
  • Part 9 Vaccine Safety and Facts
  • Part 10 Vaccines and Child Care Providers
  • Part 11 The Flu Vaccine
  • Part 12 The Tdap Vaccine
  • Part 13 The MMR Vaccine
  • Part 14 Immunizations and the Diseases they Prevent
  • Part 15 Immunizations and the Diseases they Prevent
  • Part 16 Immunization Action Coalition Resource
  • Reviewing Available Resources
  • Part 17 Immunization Requirements in the Child Care Setting
  • Part 18 Reporting and Disease Investigations
  • Part 19 Conclusion and WAC References
  • Resources
  • References
  • Immunizations Test
  • Optional Discussion Board
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  • All units must be completed