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Active Play Throughout the Day - Learning Course (NP03 - LC)

Children need to be physically active every day in order to develop strong and healthy bodies. Adequate physical activity also improves mood, behavior, stress, energy, and quality of sleep (President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition, 2013). According to new CDC data, childhood overweight and obesity increased between 2013 – 2016 from 33.5% to 35% overweight and from 17.3 to 18.5% obese (BMI over 95%) In Snohomish County 1 in every 5 children are classified as either obese or at risk for obesity based on their body mass index, a ratio between a child’s height and weight. As children, being overweight or obese increases the chance of developing conditions that usually affect adults such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension and also increases risk of asthma and sleep apnea. Adequate physical activity helps ensure that children grow into their intended body size while impacting brain development and learning. Participants of this class will gain an understanding of how physical activity impacts children's growth and development and be able to incorporate the information into the classroom curriculum. Active play includes adult led, skill building activities and quick moves that can be applied to increase the minutes a child’s body moves throughout the day.
  • STARS Credit Notice
  • Important Course Information
  • Helpful Hints
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Section 1 - Introduction
  • Barriers to Physical Activity
  • Section 1 Question
  • Section 2 - Physical Benefits of Active Play
  • Section 3 - Developmental Benefits of Active Play
  • Section 3A - Executive Function
  • Section 3B - Social and Emotional Benefits
  • Section 3C - Cognitive Benefits
  • Section 3D - Developmental Milestones and Physical Activity
  • Section 4 - Outdoor Activity
  • Section 4A - Outdoor Safety
  • Section 4B - Rainy Day Outdoor Activity
  • Section 5 - Indoor Activity
  • Section 5A - Equipment
  • Section 5B - Other Lessons
  • Vroom Tips
  • Section 6 - Best Practices for Early Learning
  • Section 6A1 - Health Policy
  • Section 6A2 - Health Policy
  • Section 6B - How are we doing?
  • Section 7 - Physical Activity and COVID-19 in Child Care
  • Section 8 - Resources
  • Using Resources
  • Conclusion
  • Final Test - Active Play
  • Optional Discussion Board
  • Stay Connected
  • References
  • Optional STARS Credit
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