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Preparing for the Flu - Learning Course (HI01 - LC)

Harm from influenza disproportionately affects young children. This class provides both basic and advanced information regarding influenza. In this class, participants will identify the difference between flu and other viruses it may be confused with, learn about how seasonal influenza is different from pandemic influenza, and find new strategies to avoid influenza illness. We’ll cover everything from the virus that causes flu to the global impact of influenza pandemics. This is a level 1 to 4 basic class.
  • STARS Credit Notice
  • Important Course Information
  • Helpful Hints
  • Preparing for the Flu: Course Instructions
  • Introduction: What is the Flu?
  • WHO: Influenza, an Unpredictable Threat
  • A Note about COVID-19
  • Part 1: Symptoms of Influenza
  • Part 2: Flu Symptoms that Need Medical Attention Right Away
  • Part 3: How is Influenza Different from Other Viruses
  • Similarities and Differences Between Influenza and COVID-19
  • Part 4: History of Influenza
  • Part 5: Facts About Influenza
  • Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  • Part 6: How is Influenza Spread
  • Part 7: How Does Influenza Make Us Sick?
  • Part 8: How is Influenza Treated?
  • Part 9: How Can Influenza Be Prevented? (Section 1)
  • Part 10: How Can Influenza be Prevented? (Section 2)
  • Part 11: How Can Influenza be Prevented? (Section 3)
  • Part 12: How Can Influenza be Prevented? (Section 4 and 5)
  • Part 13 How Can Influenza be Prevented (Section 6 and 7)
  • Share one thing you do...
  • Part 14: Conclusion Resources and References
  • Influenza Resources
  • Consultation Opportunity - Preparing for the Flu
  • Preparing for the Flu: TEST
  • Optional Discussion Board
  • Stay Connected
  • Optional STARS Credit
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Optional STARS Credit"